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Special December event (Giveaway) !!

Hello, sapphireservers community! We are excited to announce a special December event for the last month of 2023. You can participate in a TikTok challenge and have the chance of winning amazing prizes!

The challenge is simple: create a TikTok video that shows how you do creative things with your Minecraft server. You can build, explore, fight, or do anything else that you enjoy. The only rule is that your video must be related to sapphireservers in some way.

And don’t forget to have some humor in your videos as well. We love to see your funny side. You can use puns, jokes, memes, or anything else that makes us laugh. The more hilarious your video is, the more likely it is to catch our attention.

To enter the challenge, upload your video to TikTok with the hashtag #sapphireservers and tag @sapphireservers. You can also share your video on our Discord server ( ⁠📱-tiktok-challenge ).

The deadline for submitting your video is December 20, 2023 at 11:59 PM GMT. We will review all the entries and select the best five videos based on originality, quality, and engagement. The winners will be announced on a live stream !

The prizes are as follows:

1st place: 800 coins
2nd place: 600 coins
3rd place: 500 coins
4th and 5th place: 300 coins each

We hope you will join us in this fun and festive event. We can’t wait to see your awesome TikTok videos. Good luck and have fun!
@igot2phones and @ItsMeOrestis will be the hosts of the live

Note : if you are a premium customer then you will get the prize in the premium dashboard otherwise the prize will go to your free account

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